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Special Collections

Featured Maps! North is Not Up

Theme for the week: North is Not Up

January 22-26, 2018

Ever wondered what the world looks like upside down? Come see our awesome maps that depicts North in all directions, besides up. Our collection includes maps of the old world, when they believed not only that earth was the center of the solar system, but that North was positioned in the West, silly cartographers. But wait, it gets better! The placements of the countries, according to the Turnabout Map, are situated based on their “rankings” or hierarchical status. If the country was placed “above” or “on-top” they were considered to be more superior then the countries that where “below” them. Interesting perspective right? Visit Shield Library Map Collection room and explore these beauties and more!

Come to the Map Collection and look for this sign:


Title: [Andreas Walsperger’s map of the world]

by Andreas Walspereger (1988)

Call Number: MAP G3200 1448 .W2 1988 (with explanatory text)

Title: [The Leardo map of the world]

by Giovanni Leardo, A. Hoen & Co., and American Geographical Society of New York (1928)

Call Number: MAP G3200 1452 .L4

Title: Il mappamondo, 1457-1459

by Fra Mauro, and Schuler-Verlag (1970)

Call Number: MAP G3200 1459 .M2 (with explanatory text)

Title: McArthur’s universal corrective map of the world

by S. McArthur (1979)

Call Number: MAP G3201.B7 1979 .M2

Title: [Arctic Region]

by Willem Borent (1970)

Call Number: MAP G3270 1558 .B6

Title: Septentrionalium terrarum descriptio

by Gerhard Mercator (1970)

Call Number: MAP G3270 1595 .M3

Title: A map of the North-Pole and the parts adjoining.

by Moses Pitt (1970)

Call Number: MAP G3270 1680 .P4

Title: The Arctic regions

by National Geographic Society (1925)

Call Number: MAP G3270 1925 .N2

A new world of understanding

by Jesse Levine (1982)

Call Number: MAP G3291.A1 1982 .L31

Title: California driving south, the upside down map

by Magellan Geographix (1997)

Call Number: MAP G4361.P2 1997 .M2

Map Collection: Location and Hours

The Map Collection room is normally open to the public in the basement (Lower Level) of Shields Library, Monday-Friday, 1:00-5:00 pm. However, our hours change around the academic calendar and the holiday season. To see the most accurate schedule, please visit this link: click here.

Contact the Special Collections Department for map related questions by email at or by phone at 530-752-1621.

Post created by Dawn Collings, Patricia Wyley, and Louis Cashatt.


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