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We caught up with Coach Hawk after practice on October 10 to ask him a few questions about the student-athlete experience, and how the library can help. (Tim Silva/UC Davis Library)

Coach Hawk Talks About Student-Athletes, the Library and His Memories of Studying at Shields

The Library will be out at the game tomorrow, so we caught up with Coach Hawkins after practice this week to hear his perspective on what’s great, what’s tough, and what’s most helpful in being a student-athlete at UC Davis. Here’s what he had to say.

Library: From what you see with the team, what’s the best part of being a student-athlete at UC Davis?

Coach: The great thing about UC Davis is you can do both, and both are emphasized. I really love that. When you talk about the quality of and balance in life, I don’t think you can’t be great at seven things in life, but you can certainly be good at a few and we really emphasize that. I really think that’s what Davis is about — the holistic approach to education and life.

Library: And what’s the hardest part of being both a student and an athlete?

Coach: It’s a lot of pressure. Academically it’s not easy here; we have high expectations. We just want them to be excellent across the board, and so we have to take the temperature on that, too, sometimes, because it is a lot of pressure on these kids. They come here and they’re all used to being great students, they’re all used being great athletes, and then they come here and everybody’s great, so it’s hard sometimes.

Library: Are there ways you’ve seen the library being helpful to the guys on the team as they work through their classes, whether as a place to study when they’re in Davis or being able to access resources through the library’s website when they’re away?

Coach: One of the awesome things about Davis is that there’s a lot of support, it’s a great environment to be a student, and the library has a ton of resources to be able to do that, as well.

Library: What’s your favorite memory of the library when you were a student?

Coach: I did own a part of the basement a little bit during my time here. I haven’t been down there for a while, there’s probably different decorations. There was just great cement down there at the time, I think. Sturdy tables, strong coffee and great walls. (Laughs.)

Library: Well, we do have some new furniture, and all those same elements are still there as well. Thank you, and good luck on Saturday!