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Viticulture and Enology

Nearly 500 linear feet of materials on the growth and development of the wine industry

The University of California at Davis holds an extensive collection of materials pertaining to the growth and development of the wine industry. The papers of individual wine researchers, merchants, and historians, and the archives of wineries, trade associations, and governmental agencies are represented. Collections in this subject category focus on grape growing, wine making, marketing, and distributing wine and other fermented beverages.

Ephemeral collections are continually supplemented and include broadsides, posters, newsletters, pamphlets, scrapbooks, labels, and realia. There are no geographical, chronological, format, or language limits. Related materials can be found under the headings of Agricultural Technology and Food Processing and Manufacture, in the University Archives under the Department of Viticulture and Enology, and in the rare book collections of the California State Board of Viticultural Commissioners and of the Inglenook Winery.


  • Adams, Leon David Papers

    Reports and brochures from the Wine Advisory Board and Wine Institute, files for The wines of America, correspondence and clippings, wine cookbooks and ephemera. Bureau Chief, McClatchy Newspapers, San Francisco (1928-1935); organized and led the Wine Institute (1938-1954) and the Wine Advancement Board (1938-1954); author of The commonsense book of wine (1958), The commonsense book of drinking (1960), and The wines of America (1973).
  • Alley, Curtis Plant Physiology Lab Book

    Alley's copy of "Laboratory Plant Physiology" by Bernard Meyer and Donald Anderson with extensive drawings, notes, and problem solutions by Alley. Lecturer and specialist in the Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis.
  • Amerine, Maynard A. Papers

    Correspondence, manuscripts, wine labels, and pamphlets pertaining to the production of wine and spirits. Travel diaries, menus, photographs relating to the Viticulture and Enology Department, California wine industry, and wine research. Miscellaneous collected foreign and domestic wine labels. Correspondence with publishers, researchers, and enologists (1959-1960 and 1971-1973). Professor of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis; author, lecturer, bibliographer, and consultant on wine matters.
  • Baccigaluppi, Harry Papers

    Papers, wine pamphlets, periodicals, books, clippings, and labels for grape products. Agent for California Grape Products Co., Ltd. (1922); Vice President and General Manager of Italian Vineyard Co. of Guasti, owned by CalGrape (1943); Vice President of CalGrape Products (1945); President of the Wine Institute (1948-50).
  • Bayard, Arnold A. Collection

    American and European wine catalogs and French price lists, especially those from the Bordeaux region. President, M.L. Bayard and Co. (1941-1960). Internationally recognized wine connoisseur; founder of the Commanderie de Bordeaux sous Philadelphie.
  • Beer and Brewing Ephemera Collection

    Coasters, stickers, and a small amount of realia from local  breweries, cideries, and beer events.
  • Berg, Harold W. Papers

    Correspondence, photographs, department minutes, lab manuals, newsletters, bulletins, articles. Professor of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis; co-author of The technology of wine making (1962).
  • Bioletti, Frederic T. Papers

    Correspondence, research material, publications by Bioletti, an extensive set of publications by others on a variety of agricultural topics, and a small series of specimen photographs. Professor of Viticulture, University of California, Berkeley (1904-1908, 1910-1935)
  • Brady, Roy Collection

    Collection includes wine labels, buyers' guides, bibliographies, directories, wine lists, menus, antiquarian booksellers' catalogs. It consists mostly of wine catalogs, some of which date back to 1835, and wine labels (over 50,000) with vintages back to 1790. It also includes notes on wines, and the people and events surrounding the wine industry. Collector of catalogs, lists, and other documents pertaining to wine merchants and antiquarian booksellers. He also collected restaurant menus and wine labels.
  • Brown, Moses Papers

    Records relating to Brown's involvement in the rum industry in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Included are account statements, invoices, correspondence, and distillery house orders. Moses Brown (October 2, 1742-February 9, 1827), prominent merchant and citizen of Newburyport, Massachusetts, developed a large foreign and domestic trade, especially in sugar, molasses and distilled rum.